Great Gift Ideas - 1

This Wera toolkit deal is great for an all-purpose complete tool kit, ideal for 8/10 of your average jobs. This comes in a durable high-density case that looks and feels top quality.


This includes a full set of VDE screwdrivers with laser tripping ends for additional grip while screwing and soft ergonomic grips to allow for maximum grip and comfort while using them. This set also comes with a mains tester and a chisel driver that has a slotted end and a strong blade that runs through the handle, this can be used with a hammer as a demolition tool.

Automotive and accessories

The set has a 10mm and a 13mm joker combination spanner included. These have a nut holding feature that helps to prevent nuts from slipping off the end, the other side has a ratcheting end that is great for use on threaded rods.

A Zyklop 1/4-inch speed ratchet is included in this set which has a turnable head to allow for use on different angles. this tool also has a spinning handle that allows you to spin this tool to tighten things up quickly. This speed ratchet has all the most popular socket sizes included (7mm, 10mm, 13mm) an adapter that allows you to turn your speed ratchet into a screwdriver.

The Wera set comes with a range of short and long screwdriver bits made to be used with power tools also with the speed rachet tool using the screwdriver adapter attachment.

This is a great gift for anyone who works in any kind of trade or even for the keen DIY infusionist who desires a top quality toolkit that is handy with a wide range of uses.